Routine water quality services for the Baltic Sea (GMES MarCoast)

  title={Routine water quality services for the Baltic Sea (GMES MarCoast)},
  author={Carsten Brockmann and Kerstin Stelzer and Michele Viel and Antoine Mangin and J. V. Tornfeldt-Sorensen and Tapani Stipa and Anne Waldron Neumann and Harald Krawczyk and A. Pi Figueroa and Gerard Campbell and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Bruniquel},
  journal={2008 IEEE/OES US/EU-Baltic International Symposium},
The Baltic Sea is subject to various European environmental regulations which aim at securing its long-term protection. This will be achieved by the accompanying monitoring programmes associated with, for example, the HELCOM convention, the EC water framework directive, the natura 2000 Directives and the upcoming European maritime policy, to name the most important regulatory policies. These monitoring programmes demand large scale, frequent and accurate measurements of physical, biological and… CONTINUE READING