Routes of yolk utilisation in the newly-hatched chick.

  title={Routes of yolk utilisation in the newly-hatched chick.},
  author={Y. Noy and Zehava Uni and David J Sklan},
  journal={British poultry science},
  volume={37 5},
1. This study was conducted to study the routes by which yolk is utilised in the chick during the initial posthatch phase. 2. Transfer from yolk to blood was examined by injecting, in the form of labelled compounds, oleic acid, triolein, inulin and dextran into the yolk; movement from yolk to blood was observed up to 72 h posthatch. 3. Transport of these molecules from blood to yolk was also observed by injecting them into the circulation and determining label in yolk. The yolk sac membrane was… CONTINUE READING

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