Round-robin study of a priori modelling predictions of the Dalmarnock Fire Test One

  title={Round-robin study of a priori modelling predictions of the Dalmarnock Fire Test One},
  author={Guillermo Rein and J. L. Torero and W. Jahn and Jamie Stern-Gottfried and Noah L. Ryder and Sylvain Desanghere and Montserrat L{\'a}zaro and Frederick W. Mowrer and Andrew Coles and Daniel Joyeux and Daniel Alvear and Jorge Capote and Allan Jowsey and Cecilia Abecassis-Empis and Pedro Reszka},
An international study of fire modelling was conducted prior to the Dalmarnock Fire Test One in order to assess the state-of-the-art of fire simulations using a round-robin approach. This test forms part of the Dalmarnock Fire Tests, a series of experiments conducted in 2006 in a high-rise building. The philosophy behind the tests was to provide measurements in a realistic fire scenario involving multiple fuel packages and non-trivial fire growth, and with an instrumentation density suitable… CONTINUE READING


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