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Rough set data analysis: A road to non-invasive knowledge discovery

  title={Rough set data analysis: A road to non-invasive knowledge discovery},
  author={I. D{\"u}ntsch and G. Gediga},
Improving the Scalability of Reduct Determination in Rough Sets
Rough Set Data Analysis (RSDA) is a non-invasive data analysis approach that solely relies on the data to find patterns and decision rules. Despite its noninvasive approach and ability to generateExpand
Combining rough and fuzzy sets for feature selection
This thesis proposes and develops an approach based on fuzzy-rough sets, fuzzy rough feature selection (FRFS), that addresses problems and retains dataset semantics and is shown to equal or improve classification accuracy when compared to the results from unreduced data. Expand
L O ] 1 2 M ay 2 01 9 Rough Contact in General Rough Mereology
Theories of rough mereology have originated from diverse semantic considerations from contexts relating to study of databases, to human reasoning. These ideas of origin, especially in the latterExpand
Rough Contact in General Rough Mereology
  • A. Mani
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • 2019
In this research, concepts of rough contact relations are introduced and rough mereologies are situated in relation to general spatial mereology by the present author. Expand
Rough Set Approach to Predict the Strength and Ductility of TRIP Steel
Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) gives birth to new generation steels with high strength and good ductility. Both these properties of steel depend on a number of compositional and processingExpand
Rough sets and intelligent data analysis q
Rough set based data analysis starts from a data table, called an information system. The information system contains data about objects of interest characterized in terms of some attributes. OftenExpand
Hybrid MCDM Based on VIKOR and Cross Entropy under Rough Neutrosophic Set Theory
An algorithm based on the theory of rough neutrosophic sets is proposed in order to solve the problem of strategic planning with respect to the remediation of historic pedestrian bridges, demonstrating the robustness, feasibility and efficacy of the model when dealing with complex multicriteria decision-making processes. Expand
Three-Way Decision for Handling Uncertainty in Machine Learning: A Narrative Review
A narrative review of the state of the art of applications of TWD in regard to the different areas of concern identified by the framework is presented, and in so doing it will highlight both the points of strength of the three-way methodology, and the opportunities for further research. Expand
Confusion matrices and rough set data analysis
This work defines various indices and classifiers based on rough confusion matrices based on the rough set data model which assumes that knowledge is given only up to a certain granularity. Expand
Dialectical Rough Sets, Parthood and Figures of Opposition
  • A. Mani
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Trans. Rough Sets
  • 2019
D dialectical rough logics are invented from a semantic perspective, a concept of dialectical predicates is formalised, connection with dialetheias and glutty negation are established, and parthood is analyzed and studied from the viewpoint of classical and dialectical figures of opposition by the present author. Expand