Rough eyes of the northeast-Asian wood white, Leptidea amurensis

  title={Rough eyes of the northeast-Asian wood white, Leptidea amurensis},
  author={H. Uchiyama and Hiroko Awata and M. Kinoshita and K. Arikawa},
  journal={Journal of Experimental Biology},
  pages={3414 - 3421}
SUMMARY The northeast-Asian wood white, Leptidea amurensis (Lepidoptera, Pieridae), belongs to the Dismorphiinae, a subfamily of the family Pieridae. We studied the structure of the compound eye in this species through a combination of anatomy, molecular biology and intracellular electrophysiology, with a particular focus on the evolution of butterfly eyes. We found that their eyes consist of three types of ommatidia, with a basic set of one short-, one middle- and one long-wavelength-absorbing… Expand
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