Rothko: A Three-Dimensional FPGA

  title={Rothko: A Three-Dimensional FPGA},
  author={Miriam Leeser and Waleed Meleis and Mankuan Michael Vai and Silviu M. S. A. Chiricescu and Weidong Xu and Paul M. Zavracky},
  journal={IEEE Design & Test of Computers},
and utilization in field-programmable logic requires new FPGA architectures. Problems with existing architectures include low resource utilization, routing congestion, high interconnect delay, and insufficient I/O connections. At Northeastern University, we have developed a novel three-dimensional FPGA architecture called Rothko, aimed at solving some of these problems. The technology underlying Rothko allows designers to stack two-dimensional CMOS circuits to build 3D VLSI structures. Vertical… CONTINUE READING
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