Rotaviruses specifically bind to the neutral glycosphingolipid asialo-GM1.

  title={Rotaviruses specifically bind to the neutral glycosphingolipid asialo-GM1.},
  author={Rodney E. Willoughby and Robert Yolken and Ronald L. Schnaar},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={64 10},
Rotaviruses are the major etiologic agents of severe diarrhea in children. Many rotaviruses encode a hemagglutinin which binds to sialic acids. We report that rotaviruses specifically recognize the neutral glycosphingolipid gangliotetraosylceramide (asialo-GM1 or GA1). GA1 resolved by thin-layer chromatography is bound by rotavirus, and binding is blocked by neutralizing rotavirus antiserum. Similar glycosphingolipid structures, such as globoside, gangliotriaosylceramide, and GA1 oxidized with… CONTINUE READING
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