Rotational properties of homeomorphisms with integrable distortion

  title={Rotational properties of homeomorphisms with integrable distortion},
  author={Lauri Hitruhin},
  journal={Conformal Geometry and Dynamics of the American Mathematical Society},
  • L. Hitruhin
  • Published 10 August 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Conformal Geometry and Dynamics of the American Mathematical Society
We establish a modulus inequality, with weak assumptions on the Sobolev regularity, for homeomorphisms with integrable distortion. As an application, we find upper bounds for the pointwise rotation of planar homeomorphisms with p p -integrable distortion. When the mapping is entire we bound the local pointwise rotation and when the mapping is restricted to a bounded convex domain Ω ⊂ C \Omega \subset \mathbb {C} we concentrate on the rotation along the boundary… 

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