Rotational periods of four roAp stars

  title={Rotational periods of four roAp stars},
  author={Tanya A. Ryabchikova and Gregg Allan Wade and Michel Auri{\`e}re and Stefano Bagnulo and J.-F. Donati and Sandra V. Jeffers and N. F. Johnson and John D Landstreet and François Ligni{\`e}res and Theresa Lueftinger and Stephen C. Marsden and David Mouillet and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Paletou and Pascal Petit and Piet Reegen and James L. Silvester and Simon T. Strasser and Nathalie Toqu{\'e}},
Abstract. Forty-five new measurements of the mean longitudinal magnetic fields and mean equivalent widths of 4 roAp stars have obtained using theMuSiCoS spectropolarimeter at Pic duMidi observatory. These new high-precision data have been combined with archival measurements in order to constrain the rotational periods of HD 12098, HD 24712 = HR 1217, HD 122970 and HD 176232 = 10 Aql. We report a revised rotational period for HD 24712 (Prot = 12.45877 ± 0.00016 d, crucial for interpretation of… CONTINUE READING


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