Rotational energy harvesting for self-powered sensing

  title={Rotational energy harvesting for self-powered sensing},
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A Self-Powered and Battery-Free Vibrational Energy to Time Converter for Wireless Vibration Monitoring
A new energy-autonomous and battery-free WSN concept for monitor vibrations that includes a specially designed lead-free piezoelectric vibrational transducer and a battery-less sensor platform with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity is explored.
A Rotational Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Based on Trapezoid Beam: Simulation and Experiment
Rotational piezoelectric energy harvesters (RPEHs) which can directly convert mechanical energy into electric energy are considered as one of the most attractive harvesters for self-powered
An Energy Harvester Coupled with a Triboelectric Mechanism and Electrostatic Mechanism for Biomechanical Energy Harvesting
Energy-harvesting devices based on a single energy conversion mechanism generally have a low output and low conversion efficiency. To solve this problem, an energy harvester coupled with a
Design and Experimental Investigation of a Rotational Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with an Offset Distance from the Rotation Center
Rotational energy harvesting technology has attracted more and more attention recently. This paper presents a piezoelectric rotational energy harvester that can be mounted with an offset distance
Rotational nonlinear double-beam energy harvesting
This paper presents an investigation of the performance of a coupled rotational double-beam energy harvester (DBEH) with magnetic nonlinearity. Two spring-connected cantilever beams are fixed on a
A variable reluctance based rotational electromagnetic harvester for the high-speed smart bearing
In recent years, smart bearing technology is being developed for the purpose of prolonging the reliability and the service time of bearing by detecting the early faults and regulating the working
Modeling and analysis of magnetic spring enhanced lever-type electromagnetic energy harvesters
This study presents a novel enhanced monostable lever-type electromagnetic energy harvester (L-EEH). According to the positions of the coil and the lever pivot, four configurations are discussed to


A comprehensive review on piezoelectric energy harvesting technology: Materials, mechanisms, and applications
A comprehensive review on the state-of-the-art of piezoelectric energy harvesting is presented, including basic fundamentals and configurations, materials and fabrication, performance enhancement mechanisms, applications, and future outlooks.
A Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting from a Rotating Tire and its Application as a Self‐Powered Pressure/Speed Sensor
In this work, a nanogenerator (NG) was integrated onto the inner surface of a bicycle tire, demonstrating the possibility for energy harvesting from the motion of automobiles and showing the potential to work as a self-powered tire-pressure sensor and speed detector.
A passively self-tuning nonlinear energy harvester in rotational motion: theoretical and experimental investigation
Recently, various energy harvesters have been investigated for efficiently harvesting energy in rotational motion. However, some challenging issues are still existing in current harvesters, such as