Rotational Stiffness at Ridges of Timber Folded-Plate Structures

  title={Rotational Stiffness at Ridges of Timber Folded-Plate Structures},
  author={St{\'e}phane Roche and Geoffroy Mattoni and Yves Weinand},
  journal={International Journal of Space Structures},
  pages={153 - 167}
Folded-plate structures provide an efficient design using thin laminated veneer lumber panels. Inspired by Japanese furniture joinery, the multiple tab-and-slot joint was developed for the multi-assembly of timber panels with non-parallel edges without adhesive or metal joints. Because the global analysis of our origami structures reveals that the rotational stiffness at ridges affects the global behaviour, we propose an experimental and numerical study of this linear interlocking connection… 
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3 A large timber arch bridge once crossed the wild Waikato River at Ongaroto, six kilometres west of Atiamuri on State Highway One (Figure 1). The Ongaroto bridge carried the Taupo Totara Timber
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