Rotational Raman effects in the wake of optical filamentation.


The spatiotemporal effects generated in the wake of a laser filament propagating in nitrogen are investigated. At suitable time delays, a probe light pulse propagating along the wake experiences a strong spatial confinement and a noticeable spectral broadening at the same time. Numerical simulations, well reproducing the experimental findings, show the key role of the impulsive rotational Raman response in the observed phenomena.

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@article{Calegari2008RotationalRE, title={Rotational Raman effects in the wake of optical filamentation.}, author={Francesca Calegari and Caterina Vozzi and Sergei V Gasilov and Ettore Benedetti and Giuseppe Sansone and Mauro Nisoli and Sandro De Silvestri and Salvatore Stagira}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2008}, volume={100 12}, pages={123006} }