Rotation of the Sun

  title={Rotation of the Sun},
  author={P. Goldreich and G. Schubert},
  pages={1101 - 1102}
  • P. Goldreich, G. Schubert
  • Published 1967
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • Dicke has interpreted his recent measurement of the sun's oblateness as implying a fast (1.8-day period) rotation of the solar radiative interior. We find that differentially rotating solar models, such as the one proposed by Dicke, are unstable. The rate of turbulent diffusion in the unstable regions of these models is so rapid that it appears to preclude a fast spinning solar interior. As a corollary of the stability analysis, we conclude that the loss of a significant fraction of a star's… CONTINUE READING
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      We feel that the possibility of losing a largescale east-west slope in the process of subtracting the "warming" of the reference termination from the data in this manner is References and Notes