Rotating sample magnetometer for cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields.

  title={Rotating sample magnetometer for cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields.},
  author={Michael Eisterer and Franz Hengstberger and Christophe Voutsinas and N H{\"o}rhager and Stephan Sorta and Johannes Hecher and Harald W. Weber},
  journal={The Review of scientific instruments},
  volume={82 6},
We report on the design and implementation of a rotating sample magnetometer (RSM) operating in the variable temperature insert (VTI) of a cryostat equipped with a high-field magnet. The limited space and the cryogenic temperatures impose the most critical design parameters: the small bore size of the magnet requires a very compact pick-up coil system and the low temperatures demand a very careful design of the bearings. Despite these difficulties the RSM achieves excellent resolution at high… 

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