Rosseland and Planck Mean Opacities for Protoplanetary Discs

  title={Rosseland and Planck Mean Opacities for Protoplanetary Discs},
  author={Dmitry Semenov and Th. Henning and Matthias Helling and Ilgner and E. Sedlmayr},
In this paper, we present mean gas and dust opacities relevan t to the physical conditions typical of protoplanetary discs. As the principal absorber for temperatures below ∼ 1 500 K, we consider spherical and aggregate dust particles o f vari us sizes, chemical structure, and porosity, consisting of ice , organics, troilite, silicates, and iron. For higher tempe ratures, ions, atoms, molecules, and electrons are included as the main opa city sources. Rosseland and Planck mean opacities are… CONTINUE READING