[Roseland® prosthesis: quality of life's studies about 68 patients with a mean followed-up of 43.8 months].


OBJECTIVES Roseland® prosthesis is a ball and socket prosthesis, physiological and not anatomical. This study wants to demonstrate by a quality life questionnaire (quick DASH described by Dubert et al., 2001) that Roseland® prosthesis gives to patients a trapeziometacarpal joint native capacities. PATIENTS AND METHODS An exterior examinator reviewed prospectively 68 patients having a mean age of 61.1 years at surgery with 11 bilateral cases that is 79 prothesis. With a mean follow-up of 43.8 months, we value by Kapandji's opposition, first comisssural openning, quality of life and patient's satisfaction. RESULTS Three patients have been excuded: two of them had got post-traumatic dislocation: one trapezium fracture, one unknown reason. The third patient had got osteophytis with "came" effects. We keep 65 patients with 84,6% satisfying and very satisfaying. 75,4% of patients have a capacity of 80% and more of their joint, 40% of them had got 100%. DISCUSSION Roseland® prosthesis has good results because it agrees with already known principles as on its own concept: rotula prothesis gives three axes mobility, as on its own conception: metarcarpal stem with a palmar "T" shaped against rotation and bone saving, a cup with equatorial ring to prevent burying of the spongy bone. Componenents are recovered by hydroxyapatite to favour osteo-integration with less loosening than ciment. An accurate technique avoids dislocations traps: trapezium implant centring, internal osteophytis removal. An accurate indication: trapeziometarpal joint osteoarthritis only (second degree's Dell classification). CONCLUSION Roseland® prosthesis reproduces a satisfactory and functional joint for 84,6% of cases. These good results can be obtained by accurate indication (Dell II) and contra-indication (osteoarthritis around trapezium except trapeziometacarpal of course).

DOI: 10.1016/j.main.2010.01.005

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