Rosalind Franklin and the double helix

  title={Rosalind Franklin and the double helix},
  author={Aaron Klug},
  • A. Klug
  • Published 26 April 1974
  • Engineering
  • Nature
A draft manuscript shows how near Rosalind Franklin came to finding the correct structure of DNA. 
Franklin, Rosalind Elsie (1920–1958)
The genome of the tobacco mosaic virus was discovered by Franklin, Rosalind Elsie and Elsie in 1947 and described in detail in the book “Tobacco mosaic virus: Foundations of DNA discovery”.
Who said 'helix'?
Right and wrong in the story of how the structure of DNA was discovered.
The eternal molecule
A collection of overviews that celebrate the historical, scientific and cultural impacts of a revelatory molecular structure.
Franklin, Rosalind Elsie
1920–1958 English physical chemist and X-ray crystallographer who played a key role in the discovery of the three-dimensional structure of DNA. Keywords: DNA; MRC; double helix; X-ray
Helical Self-Organizations and Emerging Functions in Architectures, Biological and Synthetic Macromolecules
Helical architectures including artwork and monuments, such us the Trajan’s column from Rome, were constructed as early as in the year 113 while the assemblies and the self-organizations of biologi...
The discovery of the DNA double helix.
  • A. Klug
  • History
    Journal of molecular biology
  • 2004
Reassessing Discovery: Rosalind Franklin, Scientific Visualization, and the Structure of DNA*
Philosophers have traditionally conceived of discovery in terms of internal cognitive acts. Close consideration of Rosalind Franklin’s role in the discovery of the DNA double helix, however, reveals
Maurice Wilkins e a polêmica acerca da participação de Rosalind Franklin na construção do modelo da dupla hélice do DNA
It is argued that because Rosalind’s unfriendly behavior there was not co-operation between them and a structure was not proposed, and therefore Wilkins’ account concerning his performance in the double helix DNA model‘s construction is presented.


Rosalind Franklin and the Discovery of the Structure of DNA
In this article Dr Klug discusses Dr Franklin's contribution to the discovery of the structure of DNA in the light of accounts given by Professor Watson in his book The Double Helix and by Dr
The structure of sodium thymonucleate fibres. I. The influence of water content
A qualitative survey by Franklin & Gosling of the types of X-ray diagram given by highly orientated specimens of NaDNA at different humidities is reported. The structural changes which occur in NaDNA