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Rooting of Softwood Cuttings of Betula microphylla var.paludosa

  title={Rooting of Softwood Cuttings of Betula microphylla var.paludosa},
  author={W. Jian},
  • W. Jian
  • Published 2012
  • Chemistry
  • Betula microphylla var.paludosa is hard to root by softwood cutting,and ABT powder is useful for rootage.The results showed that 15 min for soaking and 50 mg/L of concentration for ABT were a proper combination for rooting,which made Betula microphylla var.paludosa achieve 51% of rooting rate.There was a complemented relationship between ABT concentration and soaking time,i.e.higher ABT concentration with shorter soaking time and lower ABT concentration with longer soaking time can play similar… CONTINUE READING