Root systems and generalized associahedra

  title={Root systems and generalized associahedra},
  author={Sergey Fomin and Nathan Reading},
  journal={Mathematics of Computation},
A subsea connection assembly including a connection box having an open top and provided with a plurality of pipe segments coupled thereto, each pipe segment having an outlet end near the open top of the connection box. The pipe segments have their inlet ends coupled to a manifold assembly having connections to subsea wells. Guide wires are attached to the connection box for guiding a frame downwardly from a floating vessel or platform on the surface of the sea, the frame being operable to carry… 

Constructing Extended Formulations from Reflection Relations

A framework of polyhedral relations is developed that generalizes inductive constructions of extended formulations via projections, and is particularly elaborate on the special case of reflection relations.

Braids, Walls, and Mirrors

We construct 3d, N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories by considering a one-parameter `R-flow' of 4d, N=2 theories, where the central charges vary while preserving their phase order. Each BPS state in 4d

A Central Partition of Molecular Conformational Space. III. Combinatorial Determination of the Volume Spanned by a Molecular System

In the first work of this series (Gabarro-Arpa, Comp. Biol. Chem. 27 (2003) 153–159) it was shown that the conformational space of a molecule could be described to a fair degree of accuracy by means

Shellability and Sphericity of the quasi-arc complex of the M\"obius strip

Shellability of a simplicial complex has many useful structural implications. In particular, it was shown by Danaraj and Klee that every shellable pseudo-manifold is a PL-sphere. The purpose of this


These exercises are intended for the first “workshop” during the AIM conference on “Braid groups, clusters, and free probability”, January 10-14, 2005. The goal is for the participants to work (in

Chord diagrams, contact-topological quantum field theory, and contact categories

We consider contact elements in the sutured Floer homology of solid tori with longitudinal sutures, as part of the .1C1/-dimensional topological quantum field theory defined by Honda, Kazez and

Cambrian fans

. For a finite Coxeter group W and a Coxeter element c of W, the c -Cambrian fan is a coarsening of the fan defined by the reflecting hyperplanes of W . Its maximal cones are naturally indexed by the c

A central partition of molecular conformational space. IV. Extracting information from the graph of cells

In previous works (Gabarro-Arpa, J. Math. Chem. 42 (2006) 691–706) a procedure was described for dividing the 3 × N-dimensional conformational space of a molecular system into a number of discrete



A type-B associahedron

Y-systems and generalized associahedra

The goals of this paper are two-fold. First, we prove, for an arbitrary finite root system D, the periodicity conjecture of Al. B. Zamolodchikov [24] that concerns Y-systems, a particular class of

Lie groups and Lie algebras

From the reviews of the French edition "This is a rich and useful volume. The material it treats has relevance well beyond the theory of Lie groups and algebras, ranging from the geometry of regular

On a refinement of the generalized Catalan numbers for Weyl groups

Let Φ be an irreducible crystallographic root system with Weyl group W, coroot lattice Q and Coxeter number h, spanning a Euclidean space V, and let m be a positive integer. It is known that the set

On the self‐linking of knots

This note describes a subcomplex F of the de Rham complex of parametrized knot space, which is combinatorial over a number of universal ‘‘Anomaly Integrals.’’ The self‐linking integrals of

Generalized Catalan Numbers, Weyl Groups and Arrangements of Hyperplanes

For an irreducible, crystallographic root system Φ in a Euclidean space V and a positive integer m, the arrangement of hyperplanes in V given by the affine equations (α, x) = k, for α ∈ Φ and k = 0,

Some Periodic and Non-Periodic Recursions

Abstract. It is well known that the recurrence relations are periodic, in the sense that they define periodic sequences for all choices of the initial data, and lead to sequences with periods 2, 5

Noncrossing Partitions for the Group Dn

A combinatorial description of this lattice in terms of noncrossing planar graphs in the case of the Coxeter group of type Dn, thus answering a question of Bessis, and a proof of a theorem valid for all root systems.

Moduli spaces of local systems and higher Teichmüller theory

Let G be a split semisimple algebraic group over Q with trivial center. Let S be a compact oriented surface, with or without boundary. We define positive representations of the fundamental group of S