Root repair after injury from mini-screw.

  title={Root repair after injury from mini-screw.},
  author={Karlien Asscherickx and Bart Vande Vannet and Heinrich Wehrbein and Mehran Moradi Sabzevar},
  journal={Clinical oral implants research},
  volume={16 5},
Mini-implants and mini-screws are commonly used in orthodontics to provide extra anchorage. One potential insertion site is between the roots in the alveolar process, which results in a risk of damaging the roots of neighbouring teeth. In an animal-experimental study, 20 mini-screws (bracket screw bone anchors, BSBAs) were inserted into the mandible of five beagle dogs. Each dog received two BSBAs in each lower quadrant, between the roots of the second and third, and third and fourth premolars… CONTINUE READING

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