Root exudates mediate kin recognition in plants.

  title={Root exudates mediate kin recognition in plants.},
  author={Meredith L. Biedrzycki and Tafari A Jilany and Susan A. Dudley and Harsh Pal Bais},
  journal={Communicative & integrative biology},
  volume={3 1},
Though recent work has demonstrated that plants can recognize species, kin versus strangers, and self/non-self roots, no mechanism for identity recognition in plants has yet been found. Here we examined the role of soluble chemicals in signaling among roots. Utilizing Arabidopsis thaliana, we exposed young seedlings to liquid media containing exudates from siblings, strangers (non-siblings), or only their own exudates. In one experiment, root secretions were inhibited by sodium orthovanadate… CONTINUE READING