Root causes of terrorism : myths, reality, and ways forward

  title={Root causes of terrorism : myths, reality, and ways forward},
  author={Tore Bj{\o}rgo and Dipak K. Gupta and John P. Horgan and Jitka Malekov{\'a} and Jerrold M. Post and Alex Peter Schmid and Fernando Reinares and D. R. Kaarthikeyan and Wilhelm Heitmeyer and Peter Waldmann and Alison Jamieson and Farid el-Khazen and Louise I. Richardson and Michael William Stohl and Joshua Sinai and A T Weber Silke},
1. Introduction Tore Bjorgo 2. Exploring Roots of Terrorism Dipak K. Gupta 3. Impoverished Terrorists: Stereotype or Reality? Jitka Maleckova 4. The Social and Psychological Characteristics of Terrorism and Terrorists John Horgan 5. "When Hatred is Bred in the Bone": The Socio-Cultural Underpinnings of Terrorist Psychology Jerrold M. Post 6. Social, Organizational and Psychological Factors in Suicide Terrorism Ariel Merari 7. Palestinian Resistance and "Suicide Bombing": Causes and Consequences… CONTINUE READING