Roomba Pac-Man: Teaching Autonomous Robotics through Embodied Gaming

  title={Roomba Pac-Man: Teaching Autonomous Robotics through Embodied Gaming},
  author={Brendan Charles Dickinson and Odest Chadwicke Jenkins and Mark Moseley and David Bloom and Daniel Hartmann},
  booktitle={AAAI Spring Symposium: Semantic Scientific Knowledge Integration},
We present an approach to teaching autonomous robotics to upper-level undergraduates through the medium of embodied games. As part of a developing course at Brown University, we have created the Roomba Pac-Man task to introduce students to different approaches to autonomous robot control in the context of a specific task. Roomba Pac-Man has been developed using commodity hardware from which students explore standard methods in robotics, namely subsumption, localization, and path planning. Our… CONTINUE READING
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