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Room-temperature transport properties of spin-orbit coupled Fermi systems: Spin thermoelectric effects, phonon skew scattering

  title={Room-temperature transport properties of spin-orbit coupled Fermi systems: Spin thermoelectric effects, phonon skew scattering},
  author={Ulrich Eckern and Cosimo Gorini and Roberto Raimondi and Sebastian Tolle},
  journal={arXiv: Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics},
In this note we summarize our recent results for the temperature dependence of transport coefficients of metallic films in the presence of spin-orbit coupling. Our focus is on (i) the spin Nernst and the thermal Edelstein effects, and (ii) the phonon skew scattering contribution to the spin Hall conductivity, which is relevant for the temperature dependence of the spin Hall angle. Depending on the parameters, the latter is expected to show a non-monotonous behavior. 

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