Room-temperature single-electron transfer and detection with silicon nanodevices

  title={Room-temperature single-electron transfer and detection with silicon nanodevices},
  author={Katsuhiko Nishiguchi and Akira Fujiwara and Yukinori Ono and Hiroshi Inokawa and Yuji Takahashi},
  journal={IEDM Technical Digest. IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 2004.},
Transfer and subsequent detection of single electrons are demonstrated at room temperature using a silicon-on-insulator nanodevice. The turnstile, which is composed of two Si-wire-FETs with a fine gate, enables us to transfer single electrons by opening and closing the two FETs alternately. The transferred individual electrons are stored in a single-electron box and detected by the electrometer with single-electron resolution. The present device achieves high-speed transfer and long retention.