Room-temperature quantum bit memory exceeding one second.

  title={Room-temperature quantum bit memory exceeding one second.},
  author={Priv.-Doz. Dr. C. Maurer and Georg Kucsko and Christian Latta and Lili Jiang and Norman Y. Yao and Steven D. Bennett and Fernando Pastawski and David Hunger and Nathaniel Chisholm and M. Markham and Daniel J. Twitchen and J. Ignacio Cirac and M. D. Lukin},
  volume={336 6086},
Stable quantum bits, capable both of storing quantum information for macroscopic time scales and of integration inside small portable devices, are an essential building block for an array of potential applications. We demonstrate high-fidelity control of a solid-state qubit, which preserves its polarization for several minutes and features coherence lifetimes exceeding 1 second at room temperature. The qubit consists of a single (13)C nuclear spin in the vicinity of a nitrogen-vacancy color… CONTINUE READING

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