Rooibos tea, a South African contribution to world beverages

  title={Rooibos tea, a South African contribution to world beverages},
  author={Ralph Holt Cheney and Elsa Scholtz},
  journal={Economic Botany},
Ihtnoxwn since Biblical times (26) (36), but inI local commnnercial cultivation only in the 20th Century, rooibos or red tea is now beginning to be exported from South Africa as a desirable, drugless addition to world beverages. Its appeal to the eye, nose, and taste, together with its soothing and reputedly health-giving properties, is receiving a welcome wherever it has been introduced into world trade. Previously, its use had been limited to its indigenous production area, where it was of… 

Rooibos tea,aspalathus linearis, a caffeineless, low-tannin beverage

Consumer tests indicate that rooibos tea may be an acceptable alternative to tea, coffee, cocoa and high-caffeine soft drinks, and is said to have enoughfluoride to inhibit caries.

Production and quality aspects of rooibos tea and related products. A review

Use of the herbal tea, rooibos, made from the indigenous South African fynbos plant, Aspalathus linearis spp. linearis , has shown tremendous growth on the international markets since the 1990s. From

Effect of rooibos tea (Aspalathus linearis) on Japanese quail growth, egg production and plasma metabolites

It is suggested that treatment with rooibos tea positively affected body weight and egg production in quail hens and prolonged the productive period of aged animals.

Effect of rooibos tea ( Aspalathus linearis ) on Japanese quail growth, egg production and plasma metabolites

The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of the treatment with rooibos tea, a natural source of flavonoid antioxidants and compounds with phyto-oestrogenic activity, on postnatal development and egg production of aged Japanese quail.

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) extract enhances boar sperm velocity up to 96 hours of semen storage

It is indicated that rooibos extract enhances sperm velocity, protects the acrosome structure, and tends to preserve the membrane integrity during semen storage, and the unfermented rooIBos showed higher total polyphenol content and total antioxidant capacity than the fermented one.

Anti-Peroxyl Radical Quality and Antibacterial Properties of Rooibos Infusions and Their Pure Glycosylated Polyphenolic Constituents

The anti-peroxyl radical quality of two aqueous rooibos infusions and solutions of their most abundant glycosylated polyphenols was evaluated and it was observed that the artificial infusions showed greater antioxidant quality than the latter infusions, reaching values close to those reported for tea infusions.



The biology and economics of the beverage industry

Cocoa, coffee and tea, world-wide in their use, and yerba matte and guaraná in South America are the great non-alcoholic beverages oi plant origin which owe their stimulating qualities to their

The Flora of South Africa

The Composition of Rooi] , ) stea