Romantic Bonds, Binds, and Ruptures: Couples on the Brink

  title={Romantic Bonds, Binds, and Ruptures: Couples on the Brink},
  author={Virginia Goldner},
  journal={Psychoanalytic Dialogues},
  pages={402 - 418}
  • V. Goldner
  • Published 4 July 2014
  • Psychology
  • Psychoanalytic Dialogues
“Bill and Jane,” a couple I saw many years ago, are placeholders for all the anguished, angry, exhausting, and poignant partners who have made their mark on my work as a clinician and theorist. They inspired and defeated me in equal measure, and they ground this essay, which attempts to bring together many of the theories I have fallen in love with over the years. Psychoanalysis, feminist theory, and systems theory, of course, but also developmental and attachment theory, Fonagy’s work on… 

Romantic Bonds, Binds, and Ruptures: Couples on the Brink

Virginia Goldner described how her experience with a broad range of theoretical systems inspired her to assemble an integrative theory and associated technique for the treatment of couples, using psychoanalytic, systems, and feminist theory, as well as strategic family therapy.

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The Flow of Hope in Couple Therapy: Perspectives of Couples and Their Therapists

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La transe dans le moment présent de la dispute de couple

Nous proposons d’envisager le moment present de la dispute de couple comme un vecu de transe negative (Perlmutter & Sauer, 1986). La relation de couple est organisee a partir d’un mythe fondateur que

Therapeutic Change in Couples Therapy: The Core Dynamic

Goldner, Virginia

  • S. Blum
  • Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy
  • 2019



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