Roman Political Thought

  title={Roman Political Thought},
  author={J. W. H. Atkins},
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Em termos romanos: Res publica, história e constituição na historiografia do pensamento político e na historiografia institucional contemporâneas
Desde que o neorrepublicanismo incluiu pensadores romanos e seus leitores modernos entre as fontes relevantes para o debate da Teoria Política, nota-se um interesse renovado pelas fontes romanas comoExpand
Socio-Political Naturalism and the History of Republican Thought: Cicero contra Aristotle
ABSTRACT Recent scholarship on republicanism often looks back to Aristotle as the Greco-Roman epitome of the history of republican theory. This article contends that Aristotle offers a poor model inExpand
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Corpus dei papiri filosofici Greci e Latini (CPF). Testi e lessico nei papiri di cultura greca e latina. Parte IV.2: Tavole (II.2–II.3). Pp. xxxiv, pls. Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 2018. Paper,Expand
Ciceronian thought at the Constitutional Convention
  • T. Cole
  • Political Science
  • Global Intellectual History
  • 2019
ABSTRACTAlthough Cicero was the most revered and read classical figure in colonial America, his influence on the political thought of that era, specifically its most defining moment – the Constitut...
Integrity and Conscience in Medical Ethics: A Ciceronian Perspective.
  • J. Atkins
  • Medicine
  • Perspectives in biology and medicine
  • 2019
Ciceronian integrity offers a place for the "moral hero" while recognizing that the vast majority of moral agents will be "progressors" who lack the consistency of the moral hero's fully integrated life. Expand


Is imperialism the ‘highest stage of capitalism’?
  • V. Lenin
  • Sociology
  • Imperialism and the development myth
  • 2021
Lenin wrote ​Imperialism in the first half of 1916, while in exile in Switzerland. The historical and political context is important to understanding the significance of the work. World War I was aExpand
Discerning the Good in the Letters and Sermons of Augustine
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