Rolling Tachyon

  title={Rolling Tachyon},
  author={Ashoke Sen},
We discuss construction of classical time dependent solutions in open string (field) theory, describing the motion of the tachyon on unstable D-branes. Despite the fact that the string field theory action contains infinite number of time derivatives, and hence it is not a priori clear how to set up the initial value problem, the theory contains a family of time dependent solutions characterized by the initial position and velocity of the tachyon field. We write down the world-sheet action of… Expand
Time Evolution in Open String Theory
We discuss a general iterative procedure for constructing time dependent solutions in open string theory describing rolling of a generic tachyon field away from its maximum. These solutions areExpand
Rolling tachyon boundary state, conserved charges and two-dimensional string theory
The boundary state associated with the rolling tachyon solution on an unstable D-brane contains a part that decays exponentially in the asymptotic past and the asymptotic future, but it also containsExpand
Backreaction and the rolling tachyon—an effective action point of view☆
Abstract We compute the decay of an unstable D9 brane in type IIA string theory including backreaction effects using an effective field theory approach. The open string tachyon on the brane isExpand
Time evolution in superstring field theory on non-BPS brane 1. Rolling tachyon and energy-momentum conservation
We derive equations of motion for the tachyon field living on an unstable non-BPS D-brane in the level truncated open cubic superstring field theory in the first non-trivial approximation. WeExpand
Rolling tachyon boundary conformal field theory on an orbifold
We consider the nontrivial boundary conformal field theory with exactly marginal boundary deformation. In recent years this deformation has been studied in the context of rolling tachyons andExpand
Does the Tachyon Matter
Abstract We study time-dependent solutions of Einstein–Maxwell gravity in four dimensions coupled to tachyon matter—the Dirac–Born–Infeld Lagrangian that provides an effective description of aExpand
Dynamics with Infinitely Many Time Derivatives and Rolling Tachyons
Both in string field theory and in p-adic string theory the equations of motion involve infinite number of time derivatives. We argue that the initial value problem is qualitatively different fromExpand
Rolling tachyons for separated brane-antibrane systems
We consider tachyon condensation between a D-brane and an anti-D-brane in superstring theory, when they are separated in their common transverse directions. A simple rolling tachyon solution, thatExpand
Light-like tachyon condensation in open string field theory
A bstractWe use open string field theory to study the dynamics of unstable branes in the bosonic string theory, in the background of a generic linear dilaton. We find a simple exact solutionExpand
Tachyon field theory description of (thermo)dynamics in dS space
A bstractIn this work, we present a few pieces of evidence in support of a possible connection of the gravitational theory in dS space to the world-volume theory of unstable D-branes. We show thatExpand


Some exact results on tachyon condensation in string field theory
The study of open string tachyon condensation in string field theory can be drastically simplified by making an appropriate choice of coordinates on the space of string fields. We show that a veryExpand
On Exact Tachyon Potential in Open String Field Theory
In these notes we revisit the tachyon lagrangian in the open string field theory using background independent approach of Witten from 1992. We claim that the tree level lagrangian (up to second orderExpand
String fluid from unstable D-branes
Abstract We consider Sen's effective action for unstable D-branes, and study its classical dynamics exactly. In the true vacuum, the Hamiltonian dynamics remains well-defined despite a vanishingExpand
A Solvable toy model for tachyon condensation in string field theory
The lump solution of 3 field theory provides a toy model for unstable D-branes of bosonic string theory. The field theory living on this lump is itself a cubic field theory involving a tachyon, twoExpand
Universality of the tachyon potential
Using string field theory, we argue that the tachyon potential on a D-brane in bosonic string theory in arbitrary background has a universal form, independent of the boundary conformal field theoryExpand
Stable non-BPS D-branes in type I string theory
Abstract We use the boundary state formalism to study, from the closed string point of view, superpositions of branes and anti-branes which are relevant in some non-perturbative string dualities.Expand
D-branes as tachyon lumps in string field theory
It has been conjectured that the tachyonic lump solution of the open bosonic string field theory describing a D-brane represents a D-brane of one lower dimension. We place the lump on a circle ofExpand
String theory and noncommutative geometry
We extend earlier ideas about the appearance of noncommutative geometry in string theory with a nonzero B-field. We identify a limit in which the entire string dynamics is described by a minimallyExpand
Boundary deformation theory and moduli spaces of D-branes
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Background independence of string field theory
Abstract Given a solution Ψ cl of the classical equations of motion in either closed or open string field theory formulated around a given conformal field theory background, we can construct a newExpand