Rolling Bearing Analysis

  title={Rolling Bearing Analysis},
  author={Tedric A. Harris and William J. Anderson},
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Rolling Bearing Types and Applications Rolling Bearing Macrogeometry Interference Fitting and Clearance Bearing Loads and Speeds Ball and Roller Loads Contact Stress and Deformation Distribution of Internal Loading in Statically Loaded Bearings Internal Speeds and Motions Distribution of Internal Loading in High Speed Bearings Bearing Deflection, Preloading, and Stiffness Statically Indeterminate Shaft - Bearing Systems Lubricant Films in Rolling Element - Raceway Contacts Friction in Fluid… 
Transient rotordynamic modeling of rolling element bearing systems
Nonlinearity effects in rolling element bearings arise from Hertzian contact force deformation relationships, clearance between rolling elements and races, and the bearing-to-housing clearance.
Fatigue Life Analysis of Rolling Bearings Based on Quasistatic Modeling
Rolling bearings are widely used in aeroengine, machine tool spindles, locomotive wheelset, and so forth. Rolling bearings are usually the weakest components that influence the remaining life of the
Determination of Static Load Distributions from Elastic Contacts in Rolling Element Bearings
A method has been developed for recording the elastic roll body contacts in the load zone for both radial and thrust rolling element bearings subjected to various static loading conditions. Employed
CFD-Based Flow Analysis of Rolling Elements in Water-Lubricated Ball Bearings
Abstract Water-lubricated ball bearings consist of rolling elements, an inner raceway, an outer raceway, aretainer, and an operating lubricant. In the water environment, ball bearings are required
Fluid Flow Analysis for Friction Torque around Rolling Element in Ball Bearings
Ball bearings (e.g., deep-groove, angular-contact, and roller bearings) support loads in a rotor system and provide lubrication between the shaft and housing. The deep-groove ball bearings used in a
Axial Load Effect on Contact Fatigue Life of Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Besides primarily carrying radial load, cylindrical roller bearings with flanges or lips on both inner and outer raceways need also carry axial load in some applications. Because of the axial load,
Roller bearing dynamics under transient thermal-mixed non-Newtonian elastohydrodynamic regime of lubrication
The paper describes a combined tribodynamics analysis (dynamics and contact tribology) of cylindrical roller bearings of a heavy duty truck transmission under high applied loads. The dynamic analysis
Study on nonlinear stiffness of rolling ball bearing under varied operating conditions
Nonlinear stiffness of rolling bearing is the root cause of the nonlinearity of a bearing rotor system. In this paper, bearing stiffness is calculated with a complete model for angular contact ball
Effect of clearances in rolling element bearings on their dynamic performance, quality and operating life
The performance of rolling element bearings is one of the machine quality measures in industry. The fatigue life and performance of rolling element bearings depends mainly on the dynamic