"RollRoller" Novel Spherical Mobile Robot Basic Dynamical Analysis and Motion Simulations


This paper introduces novel air actuated spherical robot called ”RollRoller”. The RollRoller robot consists of two essential parts: tubes covered with a shell as a frame and mechanical controlling parts to correspond movements. The RollRoller is proposed to be high potential alternative for exploration and rescue missions robots because robot utlizing its locomotion via all possible deriving methods (gravity, torque and angular momentum forces). In beginning , characteristic and role of each of component and features were explained. Next, to determine the uniqueness of this robot the known and other extra possible motions are shown by proposing their own algorithmic movements. To illustrate main motion of this robot was inherent to mathematical models, the forward direction dynamical behavior on flat surface was derived. Additionally, Matlab Simulink was used to plot the results to validate the behavior for both fractional and non-fractional terrains. Lastly, after desgining the model of robot in Solidworks Program, Adams/View visualization software ( the robot simulated form ) was utilized to proof the Matlab Simulink results and to show the more detailed and complete form of locomotion including the forward direction and circular locomotion in proposed robot.

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