Roles of bioactive sphingolipids in cancer biology and therapeutics.

  title={Roles of bioactive sphingolipids in cancer biology and therapeutics.},
  author={Sahar A. Saddoughi and Pengfei Song and Besim Ogretmen},
  journal={Sub-cellular biochemistry},
In this chapter, roles of bioactive sphingolipids in the regulation of cancer pathogenesis and therapy will be reviewed. Sphingolipids have emerged as bioeffector molecules, which control various aspects of cell growth, proliferation, and anti-cancer therapeutics. Ceramide, the central molecule of sphingolipid metabolism, generally mediates anti-proliferative responses such as inhibition of cell growth, induction of apoptosis, and/or modulation of senescence. On the other hand, sphingosine 1… CONTINUE READING


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