Roles of V antigen in promoting virulence and immunity in yersiniae.

  title={Roles of V antigen in promoting virulence and immunity in yersiniae.},
  author={Teruaki Une and Robert R. Brubaker},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={133 4},
It is established that yersiniae harboring an approximately 45-megadalton Vwa-plasmid can produce V and W antigens (Vwa+), and that sera containing anti-V provides passive protection to mice against Yersinia pestis. This observation was extended by the use of monospecific anti-V prepared by injecting rabbits with partially purified V, absorption of antisera with a Vwa- extract, and then separation of gamma-globulin by traditional processes of fractionation or by affinity chromatography. These… CONTINUE READING
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