Roles of Genetic Counselors in South Africa

  title={Roles of Genetic Counselors in South Africa},
  author={Jennifer G. R. Kromberg and Tina-Mari{\'e} Wessels and Amanda Krause},
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Genetic counseling is a growing health profession in South Africa. Training (set up in 1988) and registration are in place, but job creation remains challenging. The aim of the present study was to investigate the roles played by genetic counselors in the provision of genetic services, in South Africa. A questionnaire comprising items on the types of roles they performed was constructed and counselors were asked to make the log-books, in which they recorded their daily counseling activities… Expand
The role of the genetic counsellor: a systematic review of research evidence
The findings of this systematic review indicate that where genetic counsellors are utilised in specialist genetic settings, they undertake a significant workload associated with direct patient care and this appears to be acceptable to patients. Expand
Awareness of genetic counseling services among allied healthcare professionals in South Africa.
Genetic education of allied health professionals, and improved information regarding the referral procedure for genetic counseling, may improve the number of patients referred and reduce barriers to referral. Expand
Genetic counseling globally: Where are we now?
This article describes the current global landscape of the genetic counseling specialty field's professional development and highlights the status of genetic counseling training programs, availability of credentialing through government and professional bodies, and potential for international reciprocity. Expand
Mothers’ Experiences of Genetic Counselling in Johannesburg, South Africa
It was seen that genetic counselling cannot be viewed as a singular experience, but rather as one which is influenced by mothers’ lived experiences and their interactions with other healthcare services, family and community members. Expand
Developing Clinical Cancer Genetics Services in Resource-Limited Countries: The Case of Retinoblastoma in Kenya
A coordinated national retinoblastoma genetics task force led to the creation of a unique and relevant approach to delivering comprehensive and accurate genetic care to Kenyan retinOBlastoma patients. Expand
The Global State of the Genetic Counseling Profession
The global state of genetic counseling as a profession is described as fully as possible, estimating that in 2018 there are nearly 7000 genetic counselors with the profession established or developing in no less than 28 countries. Expand
Role and practice evolution for genetic counseling in the genomic era: The experience of Australian and UK genetics practitioners
Experimental data highlight that genetic counseling practice and the essential role of facilitating informed consent are evolving but remain patient‐centered, with core skills underpinning practitioners’ capacity to adapt. Expand
Effect of Genetic Education on Sickle Cell Disorder screening Uptake among Secondary School Students in Ilesa- East Local Government Area, Osun State, Nigeria
Sickle cell disease (SCD) is becoming an epidemic in Nigeria. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of genetic education with counselling on uptake of genotype screening among secondary schoolExpand
A prospective cohort study assessing clinical referral management & workforce allocation within a UK regional medical genetics service
This paper presents the first empirical prospective observational cohort study of UK multi-disciplinary genetic service delivery and describes and explores collaborative working practices including the utilisation and role of clinical geneticists and non-medical genetic counsellors. Expand
Human Genetics and Genomics and Sociocultural Beliefs and Practices in South Africa
In this chapter, the interaction between genetics, genomics, and the sociocultural beliefs of South Africans is discussed and modern technology may give results regarding the origins of ethnic groups that conflict with their oral history. Expand


A study of the practice of individual genetic counsellors and genetic nurses in Europe
The aim of this study was to ascertain the type of work undertaken by genetic nurses and counsellors in Europe and the context in which they practised and to enhance the confidence in this new group of allied health professionals. Expand
Uptake of genetic counselling services by patients with cystic fibrosis and their families
Uptake of genetic counselling services is greater when such services are integrated into hospital-based CF management clinics, than when offered elsewhere, and the low uptake of mutation testing and genetic counselling by at-risk relatives is a concern. Expand
Genetic Counselling as a Developing Healthcare Profession: A Case Study in the Queensland Context
Although the existing model of genetic service delivery in Queensland demonstrates accessibility, the service in general is underutilised and has the potential to contribute to service delivery at the primary health care level. Expand
Genetic services and testing in South Africa
Funding for this service is limited, due partly to the extensive demands made by the rampant HIV/AIDS epidemic, and partly due to some ignorance, among both health professionals and the public, concerning the benefits of genetic counselling and testing in affected families. Expand
A comparison of counselee and counselor satisfaction in reproductive genetic counseling
The findings suggest that, although both groups were satisfied with the consultation, counselees and counselors do not always have equal perceptions of the consultation process and may form their evaluation in different ways. Expand
Genetic Counseling for Fetal Abnormalities in a South African Community
Investigation of the factors that influenced the decision to terminate a pregnancy in which fetal abnormalities were diagnosed found early gestation, gestation at the time termination was offered, and ethnicity of the patient, were significantly associated with a termination request. Expand
Psychological Aspects of Genetic Counseling. IX. Teaching and Counseling
  • S. Kessler
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Genetic Counseling
  • 2004
Greater attention needs to be given by training programs to the pedagogical and counseling skills genetic counselors may need in their professional work. Expand
Process studies in genetic counseling: peering into the black box.
Thoughtfully designed process studies in genetic counseling will provide the data to refine the definition and identify the components of counseling, the communication process between provider and client, the therapeutic interventions used by counselors, and the needs, attitudes and expectations of clients. Expand
Medical genetics in South Africa.
  • T. Jenkins
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of medical genetics
  • 1990
There are approximately 20 000 registered doctors in South Africa and the doctor:population ratio was 1:1344 in 1985 (up from 1:2157 in 1960), which compares with 1:650 in the UK, 1:520 in the USA, and 1:10 500 in Kenya. Expand
Cultural Influences on the Perception of Genetic Disorders in the Black Population of Southern Africa
A multitude of rapid changes are occurring at present in South Africa but cultural transformation has been taking place for centuries, particularly since the 1400s when European explorers first setExpand