Roles for Rho/ROCK and vinculin in parietal endoderm migration.

  title={Roles for Rho/ROCK and vinculin in parietal endoderm migration.},
  author={Evan Mills and Kristi Lamonica and Tao Hong and Thomas Pagliaruli and James P. Mulrooney and Laura B. Grabel},
  journal={Cell communication & adhesion},
  volume={12 1-2},
The first cell migration event in the mouse embryo is the movement of parietal endoderm cells from the surface of the inner cell mass facing the blastocoel cavity to line the inner surface of the trophectoderm. F9 embryoid bodies provide an in vitro model for this event. They have an inner core of undifferentiated stem cells surrounded by an outer visceral endoderm layer. When plated on a laminin coated substrate, visceral endoderm transitions to parietal endoderm and migrates onto the dish… CONTINUE READING


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