Roles and contributions of community seed banks in climate adaptation in Nepal

  title={Roles and contributions of community seed banks in climate adaptation in Nepal},
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ABSTRACT Community seed banks are an effective local institution to conserve quality seeds, to strengthen farmers’ accessibility to social seed networks, and improve agrobiodiversity and food security. This article analyses the prospects and challenges of community seed banks in climate change contexts. It finds that community seed banks serve as sources of climate-resilient seeds to withstand in local climates and improve community resilience. Community seed banks provide landraces for… 
A scoping review of adoption of climate-resilient crops by small-scale producers in low- and middle-income countries
It is found that the most important determinants of adoption of climate-resilient crops were the availability and effectiveness of extension services and outreach, followed by education levels of heads of households, farmers’ access to inputs and fertilizers, and socio-economic status of farming families.
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Climate change has multiple impacts on the people’s livelihood. Adaptation is not new concept since multiple stakeholders including the communities have been coping and adapting to the changing
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Seed bank persistence and climate change
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Abstract The strong mechanistic relationship between climatic factors and seed dormancy and germination suggests that forecast climatic changes will significantly affect seed bank persistence. This
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