Roles, duties and challenges of special/support teachers at secondary education: implications for promoting inclusive practices

  title={Roles, duties and challenges of special/support teachers at secondary education: implications for promoting inclusive practices},
  author={Anastasia Vlachou and Eleni Didaskalou and Maria Kontofryou},
  journal={European Journal of Special Needs Education},
  pages={551 - 564}
Recent inclusive policy directives and advice offered to schools strongly recommend special/support teachers to expand their role and extend their duties. In light of this, we investigated how Greek secondary special/support teachers perceive and experience their role, work profile and the challenges they encounter. Qualitative analysis revealed that participants perceived their role as multidimensional, but focused on its reactive rather than proactive aspect. Role ambiguity, confusing… 

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The Collaboration Experiences of Elementary School Intervention Specialists in Inclusive Classroom Settings by Donisha N. Bailey-Franklin MA, Notre Dame College, 2016 BS, Case Western Reserve

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There has been a lot of research about teachers’ perceptions in special education (special educators) towards ICT use in mainstream schools demonstrating positive and negative standpoints. This

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