Role versatility among men who have sex with men in urban Peru.

  title={Role versatility among men who have sex with men in urban Peru.},
  author={Steven Michael Goodreau and Jes{\'u}s Peinado and Pedro Goicochea and Jorge Vergara and Nora Ojeda and Mart{\'i}n Casap{\'i}a and Abner Ortiz and Victoria Zamalloa and Rosa Galv{\'a}n and Jorge Rodriguez Sanchez},
  journal={Journal of sex research},
  volume={44 3},
Role versatility refers to the practice in which individual men who have sex with men (MSM) play both insertive and receptive sexual roles over time. Versatility has been thought to be relatively uncommon among Latin American MSM but possibly rising. Versatility has also been shown to be a potentially large population-level risk factor for HIV infection. In this study we examine the correlates of versatile behavior and identity among 2,655 MSM in six Peruvian cities. Versatile behavior with… CONTINUE READING

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