Role of vincristine in immunochemotherapy of leukemia in mouse or human models.


Synergistic antitumor effects between Vincristine (VCR) and allograft responses have been found in mice bearing allogeneic retrovirus-induced leukemia. In this model VCR depressed weakly allograft reactivity if given before but not after antigen administration. In a parallel human tumor model in vitro using HTLV-1 induced MT-2 leukemia, additive but not synergistic immuno-chemotherapeutic effects were obtained with allogeneic mononuclear cells (MNC) combined with VCR at 0.1 but not at 1 micrograms/ml. In this case natural immunity (NI) rather than antigen-dependent immunity (ADI) was involved in the combined effects of VCR + MNC. In the in vitro model pretreatment of effector cells with 1 or 0.1 micrograms/ml of VCR depressed natural cell-mediated cytotoxicity (NCMC). However when the drug was added to the effector + target cells during the 4 h cytotoxicity assay, 1 but not 0.1 micrograms/ml of the drug was capable of depressing NCMC function. These results would provide valuable information for developing in vitro immuno-chemotherapy studies in human tumor systems, including those characterized by the presence of tumor-associated oncogenic retroviruses, capable of depressing both NI and ADI functions.

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