Role of troponin T in disease

  title={Role of troponin T in disease},
  author={Aldrin V Gomes and Junor A. Barnes and Keita Harada and James D. Potter},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry},
Several striated muscle myopathies have been directly linked to mutations in contractile and associated proteins. Troponin T (TnT) is one of the three subunits that form troponin (Tn) which together with tropomyosin is responsible for the regulation of striated muscle contraction. All three subunits of cardiac Tn as well as tropomyosin have been associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). However, TnT accounts for most of the mutations that cause HCM in these regulatory proteins. To date… CONTINUE READING