Role of trace elements Se and Li in drinking water on dental caries experience.


An epidemiological survey of dental caries using modified Moller's index (1966) carried out in 483 children (aged 7-17 years) of rural areas--Talwandi Kalan, Dhanansu and Bhatian (District Ludhiana) of Punjab with almost similar F levels in their drinking water supply, similar socio-economic status, environmental factors/demographic parameters and dietary habits revealed wide variations in the prevalence and severity of dental caries. Further investigation extended to evaluate the concentrations of various trace elements Se, Li, Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn in drinking water to find out the disparity of dental caries status, revealed that the higher figures of prevalence and severity of dental caries observed in Dhanansu and Bhatian as compared to Talwandi Kalan could be attributed to the presence of Se in drinking water supply of these areas which was not detectable in the water supply of Talwandi Kalan. On the contrary, the concentration of Li in water supply of Talwandi Kalan with low caries was found to be higher compared to that of Dhanansu and Bhatian with higher dental caries in children population.

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