Role of thyroid hormone during early brain development.

  title={Role of thyroid hormone during early brain development.},
  author={Gabriella Morreale de Escobar and Mar{\'i}a Jes{\'u}s Obreg{\'o}n and Francisco Escobar del Rey},
  journal={European journal of endocrinology},
  volume={151 Suppl 3},
The present comments are restricted to the role of maternal thyroid hormone on early brain development, and are based mostly on information presently available for the human fetal brain. It emphasizes that maternal hypothyroxinemia - defined as thyroxine (T4) concentrations that are low for the stage of pregnancy - is potentially damaging for neurodevelopment of the fetus throughout pregnancy, but especially so before midgestation, as the mother is then the only source of T4 for the developing… CONTINUE READING
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