Role of thrombolysis in free-flap salvage.

  title={Role of thrombolysis in free-flap salvage.},
  author={Vivek Panchapakesan and Patrick D Addison and Eamon S Beausang and Joan Lipa and Ralph W. Gilbert and Peter C. Neligan},
  journal={Journal of reconstructive microsurgery},
  volume={19 8},
Approximately 5 percent of microvascular free-tissue transfers fail; often this is due to microvascular or peri-anastomotic thrombosis. Various reports have advocated the use of thrombolytics for salvage of these flaps, although clinical evidence supporting this approach is sparse. The authors attempted to review their own and other published results and present an algorithm for the use of thrombolytics in the management of failing free flaps. A retrospective review of 590 free flaps, revealed… CONTINUE READING
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