Role of the prosequence of guanylin.

  title={Role of the prosequence of guanylin.},
  author={Axel Schulz and Ute C. Marx and Yuji Hidaka and Yasutsugu Shimonishi and Paul R{\"o}sch and Wolf Georg Forssmann and Knut Adermann},
  journal={Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society},
  volume={8 9},
Guanylin is a guanylyl cyclase (GC)-activating peptide that is mainly secreted as the corresponding prohormone of 94 amino acid residues. In this study, we show that the originally isolated 15-residue guanylin, representing the COOH-terminal part of the prohormone, is released from the prohormone by cleavage of an Asp-Pro amide bond under conditions applied during the isolation procedures. Thus, the 15-residue guanylin is probably a non-native, chemically induced GC-activating peptide. This… CONTINUE READING