Role of the liver in regulation of ketone body production during sepsis.

  title={Role of the liver in regulation of ketone body production during sepsis.},
  author={Robert W Wannemacher and Judith G. Pace and R A Beall and R E Dinterman and V J Petrella and Harold A. Neufeld},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={64 6},
During caloric deprivation, the septic host may fail to develop ketonemia as an adaptation to starvation. Because the plasma ketone body concentration is a function of the ratio of hepatic production and peripheral usage, a pneumococcal sepsis model was used in rats to measure the complex metabolic events that could account for this failure, including the effects of infection on lipolysis and esterification in adipose tissue, fatty acid transport in plasma and the rates of hepatic ketogenesis… CONTINUE READING


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