Role of the diaphragm in setting liquid pressure in serous cavities.

  title={Role of the diaphragm in setting liquid pressure in serous cavities.},
  author={Giuseppe Andrea Miserocchi and Erminia Mariani and Daniela Negrini},
  journal={Respiration physiology},
  volume={50 3},
Supraphrenic and subphrenic liquid pressures in supine dogs and rabbits were found to be about 2 cm H2O more negative than costal and mediastinal liquid pressures at the same lung height. Peritoneal liquid pressure was negative at all lung heights in dogs and slightly positive below 25% of lung height in rabbits. The vertical gradients of liquid pressure did not differ significantly in either species between the pleural and peritoneal cavities and were lower than 1 cm H2O/cm. From the… CONTINUE READING

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