Role of the Cdc 25 A phosphatase in human breast cancer

  title={Role of the Cdc 25 A phosphatase in human breast cancer},
  author={Maria Giulia Cangi and Barry Cukor and Peggy Soung and Sabina Signoretti and Gilberto Moreira and Moksha Ranashinge and Blake Cady and Michele Pagano and Massimo Loda},
The key transitions in the process of eukaryotic cellular division are controlled by the sequential activation and inactivation of members of the cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) subfamily of protein kinases. The activities of these enzymes are regulated by multiple mechanisms including activating and inactivating phosphorylations, binding to regulatory cyclin subunits, subcellular localization, and association with Cdk inhibitors as well as controlled proteolysis of regulatory subunits (1–3… CONTINUE READING


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