Role of survivin phosphorylation by aurora B in mitosis.

  title={Role of survivin phosphorylation by aurora B in mitosis.},
  author={Marl{\`e}ne Delacour-Larose and M H Thi and Stefan Dimitrov and Annie Molla},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={6 15},
The chromosomal protein passenger complex, a key mitotic regulator, consists of at least four proteins, INCENP, Aurora B, Survivin and Borealin. Survivin, in contrast to the other members of the chromosomal protein passenger complex (CPC), is mobile at metaphase. This protein is also phosphorylated by Aurora B at Threonine 117. In this work we have studied the role of the phosphorylation of Survivin in mitosis by using non phosphorylable T117A and phosphomimic T117E silent resistant Survivin… CONTINUE READING


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