Role of surgery in the management of Graves' disease.

  title={Role of surgery in the management of Graves' disease.},
  author={Amit Agarwal and Saroj Kanta Mishra},
  journal={Journal of the Indian Medical Association},
  volume={99 5},
  pages={252, 254-6}
Seventy-two patients, 50 women and 22 men, were operated on for Graves' disease. Their median age was 35 years. The indications for surgery included patients with large goitre, relapse after antithyroid drug (ATD) therapy, allergic reactions to ATD, non-compliance and finally an associated nodule with suspicion of carcinoma. Patients were rendered euthyroid with ATD before surgery and were pretreated with Lugol's iodine. Standard subtotal thyroidectomy was performed in 64 patients, total… CONTINUE READING


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